Message to the Dutch people

Lieve mensen van Nederland / Dear people of the Netherlands,

We have something urgent to discuss with one and other. 

And that is: Why have our media, which are supposed to act as a critic on our behalf, completely surrendered their critical faculties? 

Why are we allowing the state funded media (for which we all pay) to endlessly talk about election polls, which then start to lead a life of their own?  

Why are we allowing the state funded media to continuously ask a select group of political establishment figures about which ministry they would like to lead after the elections? Whilst we haven’t even voted? 

Why are we accepting that the biggest and most defining issues of our time are not being questioned and discussed on the basis of facts but on hollow rhetoric?

Issues such as: 

  • The future of national sovereignty and the EU. 
  • Im(migration).
  • War and conflict.
  • The police system. 
  • The Euro.
  • And many others.

Are we really going to allow ourselves to be preached to as if we are a flock of sheep with slogans such as: “we are stronger together”, “unity in diversity”, “The Netherlands for the Dutch”, “Take your country back”. 

All of which are equally meaningless and presented as arguments to us.

Don’t we deserve better? Are we really paying these presenters, who often earn monstereous salaries, to turn politics into a show? A laugh? This is about the future of our country. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a socialist or a neo-conservative. Whether you are black or whether you are white. Whether you are religious or not. 

We should demand of the state funded media that they present the facts. That they base discussions on facts and not nod allong while some politician is telling a bogus story about his or her ‘vision’ or ‘hope’ for the future. Some ‘positive story’ to counter all the ‘negativity’.

We should demand concrete plans. Concrete solutions.  

We need to hear the facts. 

That’s why I urge all those who read this to go to twitter and use the hashtag :


And for the Dutch speakers: 



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