End of the EU

All the usual suspects were shocked when the British people decided their country would be better off leaving the European Union (EU). Media pundits, poll takers and an exhausting array of celebrities were completely out of touch. The EU responded to the British people’s choice by threatening the citizens of other EU countries that if they chose to vote to leave as well that their countries would be punished by the Union, as they wish to make an example out of Britian. Who needs enemies, with friends like that?

In my best judgement I would say that at this point in time the EU has already discredited itself beyond repair. Not just because of its reaction to Brexit. But also due to its failure to manage migration. And due to its expansionist policies towards the East. Or what do you think about that beauty of an idea to create a European Army? 

One of the dominant frames in the media is that those who voted for Brexit did so because they were close-minded and protectionistic. But nearly all people that I know and have spoken to agree that the countries in Europe that can work together should work together. What people question is whether the current way in which we work together namely the EU, is the best way to do it. People aren’t against their countries working together, they just feel like they’re getting a bad deal. 

Which brings me to my conclusion. Which is that if given the choice to leave the EU, I believe the citizens of many countries would vote to leave rather than stay. Take for instance The Netherlands where I live. If given the choice, I am quite sure that the majority would vote to leave the EU. Other countries such as Austria and France and many more could possibly follow. I think what is most underestimated is how easily the EU can seize to exist. For the EU to fall apart only a few relatively important Western European countries would have to leave. This in comparison to a country like Greece which adds little to the Union and wouldn’t be a loss. 


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