Cold weather isn’t everybody’s favourite, but I love it. Especially when the sun is shining. 

I find breathing in the fresh cold air wonderful in the mornings. And I love looking at the dew that has formed on the gras as I cycle along the fields. When the sun shines on the dew the reflection is just magical. 

There’s also something wonderful about having to really dress up before you’re able to leave the house. You have to grab a thick warm coat and maybe a scarf and some gloves. You put on some thick shoes and warm pants. Not to forget: warm socks.

When you cycle your nose, ears and cheeks get especially cold. Once you get off your bicycle you can feel the warm blood trying to creep back into your ears, nose and cheeks straight away.

And then there’s that ‘coming home’ feeling. Where it’s warm and cosy. When you eat those meals that you only make in the winter. A big pan of soup and a big cup of hot chocolate. 


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