An old love 

I remember when we talked all night. 

Your mum would make you shut down the computer because she didn’t want you to be too tired. 

Even though we went to the same school I hardly spoke to you in real-time. We mostly talked on-line. Because we never had the guts to to go to a cafe and sit down like adults. 

We were both still young, you were younger than I. Maybe that explains why it was difficult to tell each other how we really felt. 

Sometimes you’d take the same bus home as me. Sitting next to you was a pleasure, really, the joy was hard to measure. 

Reading back the emails we sent to each other, they’re a treasure. You told me I gave you the best hugs, the feeling was mutual. I wonder why I never called you my girl.

As the year progressed we lost contact. I wasn’t feeling well, maybe you knew that. Psychologically I was slain by the negativity in my mind. I lost track of time.

Off to university I went, never to see you again. I started a new life and a year later so would you. Now six years later you’re getting married to your boo. 

I can’t help but notice that he looks a lot like me.

I wonder if you ever reminisce and think about how things would be if we never lost contact. If we had made an effort to chat. About those feelings that we both knew we had.


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