I love freedom of speech

It is, in my opinion, the value that stands above all others. Without the freedom to present and criticise ideas progress in every field of human endeavour, not just in ethics, becomes impossible.
In fact, without freedom of speech all other values first become stale, and ultimately as time passes, rigid and brittle concepts.
Inflexible as they become over time the slightest criticism of these values will cause them to shatter like glass.
To prevent this from happening governments will shut down freedom of speech using extreme punishments.
As a result new generations will be left stuck with other people’s thinking.
Therefore, I can only say to you the reader “please comment on my posts!” Propose alternative ideas, or criticise mine. But most of all, engage!
I encourage you not to become stale and brittle. Be the master of your own thoughts, and not the servant of others.






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